Room Preparations


Expect the worst!

Fireplaces are dusty, dirty and sooty and your job may involve significant building works, eg knock outs and flue lining.

We will use low tack carpet or hard floor protector and dust sheets to protect the area in the vicinity of the fireplace and on thoroughfares, eg from the front door to the fireplace.

We may also use sheets and low tack masking tape to seal off the fire opening when installing the liner or sweeping the flue. If the chimney breast is painted the adhesive may remove small areas of paint. Even if the flue has been swept beforehand, pockets of soot can be displaced by the incoming liner – if we don’t mask off the fireplace significant volumes of soot could be released into the room.

It is strongly recommended that you remove any valuable or difficult to clean items of furniture, carpeting or curtains from your room prior to works commencing and have any chimneys swept before works start.

Regrettably we cannot be held liable for soot damage to property or furnishings.