Annual Service and Sweep


Annual Stove Service

To qualify for manufacturer’s warranties and to ensure your stove is operating safely and efficiently we recommend stoves are serviced on an annual basis.

Option 1
Silver Service & Sweep

Check the stove glass for damage and clean as required.
Inspect door seals for tightness and replace rope seals if needed.
Examine bricks, grates and baffles and advise on replacement.
Check and adjust all air controls/riddling mechanisms/damper mechanisms.
Examine all fire cement seals from the stove to the flue and re-joint if required.
Examine register plate seals and reseal where required.
Removal of debris from register plate and inspect body of stove and polish/paint.
Carry out a spillage test on the stove to check for leaks.
Advise on the best fuels to use and check the moisture content of the wood you currently burn
Check vents are clear (if applicable).
Chimney Sweep.

Option 2
Gold Service & Sweep

All the above plus a smoke test to check the integrity of the flue. We recommend you order a smoke test on your flue every 3 years to ensure it isn’t leaking, however any smoke odours or carbon monoxide alerts should be investigated immediately. The price below assumes we can access your chimney stack using ladders.

Chimney Sweep

The Solid Fuel Association recommends flues are swept up to twice a year to help prevent the dirty and dangerous accumulation of soot, creosote and debris. To qualify for manufacturer’s warranties relating to flue liners ensure your flue is swept at least once a year and keep the receipts. We use a Rotary Power Sweeping Tool which despite cleaning more effectively is gentler on flues than manual brushes.


Silver Service & Sweep £130 + 20% VAT*
Gold Service & Sweep £170 + 20% VAT*
Sweep only £40 + 20% VAT

* Please note: If your stove was not installed by The Snug we would need to see the Certificate issued by the original installer before agreeing to carry out a service. If no Certificate was issued or available we would need to carry out a visual inspection and smoke test at a cost of £120 + 20% VAT (this assumes that we can reach the chimney stack using ladders). If the installation fails to meet Building Regulations or Manufacturer’s recommendations we may have to issue a Warning Notice recommending certain works are carried out before the stove is used.

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